Top 7 Best Shower Panel Systems of 2020

There are plenty of shower panel systems in the market. This only makes narrowing down your choice even more difficult. There are several options and features to choose from and they all make for more enjoyable showering. The design of many shower panels can also upgrade the overall look of your bathroom.

best shower panel systems

Here, we have highlighted the best shower panel systems available. We are confident you will find just the right one for you on our top 7 list.

Blue Ocean 52" SPA392M
Blue Ocean SPA392M Shower Panel
Our Pick Check Price
ELLO&ALLO Shower Panel
ELLO&ALLO Stainless Steel
Best Design Check Price
Blue Ocean 52” SPV878392H
Blue Ocean 52 Stainless Steel
Best Quality Shower Panel Check Price
Perfetto Kitchen and Bath SP0056
Perfetto Kitchen and Bath SP0056
Easiest Installation Process Check Price
AKDY Rainfall Shower
AKDY Rainfall Shower
Relaxation Station Check Price
Golden Vantage 63"
Golden Vantage
Thermostatic Temperature Control Check Price
Vantory Shower Panel Tower
Vantory Shower Panel Tower
Multifunction Shower Check Price

Top Rated Shower Panel Reviews

1. Blue Ocean 52″ Aluminum SPA392M – Our Pick

Blue Ocean Aluminum Shower Panel


One of the first noticeable attributes of Blue Ocean SPA392M shower panel is its quality. It has an aluminum design, which makes it quite durable and sturdy without being heavy. The lightweight design makes it easy to install, even if you are doing it alone.

Its height is 52”, which means that you can install it just above the floor and the height will still be pretty good. There are 8 adjustable nozzles and a powerful handheld showerhead. There is a LED display where you can pick the desired water temperature. You also can use all functions separately.

We recommend Blue Ocean SPA392M for its versatility, power, and easy installation. Features can be a bit tricky to learn at first. However, after a few showers, they are likely to become your second nature.


  • The LED display is quite bright
  • Rainfall option in the handheld shower head
  • Great, durable design


  • Features can be hard to learn at first
  • More expensive

2. ELLO&ALLO Stainless Steel Shower Panel Tower System – Best Design

ELLO&ALLO Stainless Steel Shower Panel Tower System


The first thing you might notice about ELLO&ALLO shower tower panel is that it is quite durable. Its construction is made of stainless steel. You will also likely notice the bright blue color that is triggered when the water starts flowing. The light gives it a unique, soothing feel. You might feel like you are at the spa.

There is a LED temperature display that is pretty easy to notice when you’re showering. It also has a handheld showerhead that offers a great deal of power. The handheld showerhead has 3 different settings available. In addition, there are 4 adjustable jet nozzles.

Only two shower settings can be used simultaneously. This ensures the right water pressure but can be disappointing if you want to run them all at once. However, there is a lot of customizing that can be done with ELLO&ALLO. Installation is a bit tricky given this panel’s many functions and settings. You may need to use the services of your plumber to ensure the panel is fitted and installed correctly.


  • Handheld showerhead offers 3 settings
  • Stainless steel design is both sleek and durable
  • Premium LED temperature display


  • Complicated installation
  • Limited to two simultaneous functions

3. Blue Ocean 52” Stainless Steel SPV878392H – Best Quality Showel Panel

Blue Ocean Stainless Steel


Blue Ocean SPV878392H shower panel offers a surface of 5mm blue tempered glass and a stainless-steel frame. It gives the appearance of being glossy and shiny. It also looks a bit expensive so it will dress up just about any bathroom.

There are 8 jet nozzles for a full body massage, including the popular rainfall, multi-functional and spout options. The minimum pressure is 29psi with a maximum pressure of 72psi.

The overall design allows installing the panel on a flat wall. It shouldn’t interfere with any constructions, like a shelf or other bathroom fixtures. The durability is also quite impressive given that it has pipes which are re-enforced for added longevity. Other durability features include a chrome-plated hose which helps prevent rusting.

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This model’s convenience features include a switch that allows altering the water temperature very easily. You shouldn’t struggle with the assembly, as the hose connects directly with the waterline.

We do recommend SPV878392H, but it does have some drawbacks in the design. The biggest of these is that body spray nozzles do not function at the same time. So, you can either run the bottom 2 nozzles or the top two. You cannot operate all four of them simultaneously. This can be a real drawback if you were hoping to enjoy a full body massage. You will have to settle for switching off.


  • Unique design allows for installation on flat walls
  • Very easy installation
  • Looks expensive


  • Cannot run all four nozzles simultaneously
  • Makes a whirring noise over time

4. Perfetto Kitchen and Bath 65″ SP0056 – Easiest Installation Process

Perfetto Kitchen and Bath SP0056


While most shower panel models have a silver look to them, Perfetto Kitchen and Bath SP0056 is a gray color that comes with a matte finish. It is not as shiny as some others and offers a kind of retro design. It gives a unique look to any bathroom that might have other dark-toned features such as tiling. It also allows those dark rooms to have a panel that compliments and matches the color scheme.

It is made of durable stainless steel for longevity and has a number of unique features. There are 8 adjustable jet nozzles along with a handheld showerhead that has two different functions. The dual functionality of the showerhead gives you some customizability.

SP0056 is very easy to install, making it a top-rated option. You need just a few wall brackets and then connections for your hot and cold water. You may be able to do the installation entirely by yourself.


  • Very easy to install
  • Easy to get used to controls / easy to operate
  • Very modern design


  • Mostly suited for darker-toned bathrooms
  • Loses pressure when you use more than one feature

5. AKDY Rainfall Style System Shower Panel – Best Relaxation Station

AKDY Rainfall Style System Shower Panel


AKDY shower panel system has a very elegant design that will draw in attention. It is made of an aluminum frame and tempered glass. This is the elite, most luxurious type of design you’ll likely find.  It is silver, so it will shine. With the size of 52 inches, it should fit easily in most shower stalls without looking bulky or too big.

The glass on this panel feels very durable and solid. It seems to give a great deal of scratch protection to the aluminum elements of the unit. This means the design and look will last much longer than those alternative panels that are not protected by glass.

There are a LED display and a variety of buttons that allow you to control the many features of this shower panel. There are 8 adjustable nozzles as well as an integrated shower head.

We do recommend AKDY mostly because of its luxurious design. It is quite rare to have a frame made of one material and then tempered glass used for protection. The look ends up being quite sleek and eye-catching. The handheld shower is not an afterthought either. It is quite sturdy and powerful.


  • Handheld shower handle is very sturdy
  • Sleek, shiny design
  • Very bright LED display


  • Adjustable nozzles are difficult to control
  • Installation kit lacks everything you need

6. Golden Vantage 63″ – Best Thermostatic Temperature Control

Golden Vantage


The design of Golden Vantage is pretty sleek and simple. It is made of stainless steel for added durability and longevity, while the overall design is simplistic in its nature. The design is prepared for flat wall installation. It should not interfere with any of your other fixtures.

This shower panel is quite easy to install and everything you need for a seamless installation is included with your purchase. There are some design flaws when it comes to installation, however. The panel hangs in the shower, which means that it can be knocked over. This would ultimately result in its breaking. There is thermostatic temperature control, which is a unique feature. The minimum water pressure is 29psi with a maximum of 72.7.

One of the biggest advantages of Golden Vantage shower panel system is that it is fully simultaneous. Use all of the features at once if you want a full body massage while showering. One of its drawbacks is that side jets seem to give off limited water pressure. All other jets work just fine but the side ones are quite limited.


  • Unique thermostatic temperature control
  • Straightforward installation
  • Can use all heads at once


  • Can get confusing with so many knobs
  • Side jets offer limited water pressure

7. Vantory Shower Panel Tower – Best Multifunction Shower

Vantory Shower Panel Tower


There are a few knobs on the face of Vantory shower panel tower so the look is quite sleek. It is made of 100% stainless steel with a brushed nickel finish. The faucet material is brass.

There is no shortage of shower functions available with this panel. You can enjoy a horizontal massage spray, waterfall, and rainfall. There are 2 large massaging jets and a total of 44 horizontal nozzles. Functions all work independently of each other.

The showerhead is available in waterfall and rainfall with a total of 60 nozzles for a shower you might think was reserved for the spa. The body jets offer 50 different rainfall nozzles. The tub spout prevents any leaking and splashing.


  • Very easy to use and install, especially the handheld shower head
  • The design has clean lines and very few knobs
  • Many more horizontal nozzles than alternative panels offer


  • Pretty loud operation
  • The showe head doesn’t have a hose

Buyer’s Guide on Best Shower Panel System

Not all shower panels are made the same. Depending on your specific needs, there are plenty of features to consider. This buyer’s guide is intended to help you narrow down your top choices by highlighting features that are most important.

When thinking about which panel to purchase, try and imagine your idea of the ultimate shower experience. Then, think about what kind of unit would look best in your shower stall. Think of colors, design, and size for a start.

Key Features of Shower Panels

Before we get into specific features, let’s highlight the exact purpose of a shower panel.

A shower panel gets installed into your existing shower enclosure. Most shower panels have an elite and elegant design and look. Typically, they include both vertical and horizontal spray patterns. In addition, they usually include multiple showerheads and massaging jets.

shower panel with jets

Investing in splash guards isn’t a bad idea if you want to keep water from getting out of your shower. With the increased number of showerheads, you may find that your floor and area around your shower get wet.


This is a huge consideration if you plan on installing your panel by yourself. Many shower panels do not include all of the pieces you need to install it yourself. Some do include everything but they might be really complicated to install.

You should expect the need to hook up the panel to your cold and hot water supply. For the most part, this is pretty easy to do. You just need to make sure your plumbing is in place. Then, you should be able to install it yourself.

Most shower panels come with instructions; make sure you choose one with easy instruction. However, the ease of following them varies by the unit.

If you know you will need a plumber to install your panel, consider the costs. If you already know, which panel you want, great. However, if you don’t and you are deciding between the two, think about how important it is to you to install it yourself.


Size is a major consideration when choosing your shower panel. They typically range from 36” to 65” in height. This is obviously quite varied, which means you need to know the height you want and need.

Given the wide range of sizes, make sure you know the exact size that will fit your needs before you purchase. If you have a large bathroom and shower, perhaps, the 65” will fit just fine. However, be sure you are choosing the size that will fit into your bathroom properly.

You also want to make sure you are thinking about how the unit will look once installed. Will it okay if it takes up your entire shower stall? For the most part, panels are meant to look sleek and expensive. That isn’t the case if it looks like it doesn’t suit your shower.


The placement of controls is one of the best advantages of a shower panel. In most cases, controls are right in front of you when you’re showering.

shower panel controls

You can easily control any attachments and the shower itself with controls that are easy to reach. These controls are built right into the shower panel. So, you can change the flow rate, water temperature, and spray pattern quite easily. No bending down or reaching up is required.

Some shower panels have a whole series of knobs on them. These can sometimes get confusing to operate. You want to think about how many knobs you are comfortable using. Maybe, you want just a couple of switches or controls. Or maybe, it doesn’t bother you to have 10 or more knobs. This is really up to you. However, all these knobs will also impact the look of the panel.


There is a variety of water spray patterns that you can find in your shower panel system. In most cases, separate showerheads will have their own set of spray patterns. Usually, you can only use the dials on the shower panel to control them.


There are plenty of different materials, from which your shower panel can be made. Most are made of either aluminum or stainless steel. Both of these materials ensure that the panel will be both durable and steady.

With these materials, the design is also fairly modern.  This can give your bathroom a nice look. If you want it to be luxurious, though, you can find panels that are stainless steel with a glass front. These models have a beautiful stainless-steel shower panel but with a glass accent. One of these luxury shower panels is the Blue Ocean SPV878392H. Its design makes it look quite expensive.

One thing you want to keep in mind when it comes to materials is the product’s ability to resist rust. The last thing you want is a corroded, rusty shower panel. Quality materials will not rust on you. This is why it is often worth it to spend a bit more and get a quality shower panel.

Otherwise, you’ll just end up paying for two or more panels.


In general, shower panel systems are intended to work with a variety of water pressures. So, you can find one no matter if you have low or high water pressure.

The lowest pressure you are likely to find is 28 PSI. The highest is usually somewhere around 70PSI. You want to pay attention to these numbers when purchasing. If the pressure is lower, the panel isn’t going to give you any power. If your pressure is too high, the panel might get damaged.

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Attachments and Showerheads

Most shower panels come with a handheld showerhead, overhead shower and massaging nozzles or jets. This isn’t standard though and attachments and showerheads depend on the panel model.

In most cases, the overhead shower is typically quite wide. This makes for a really drenching shower. It is pretty standard to find a waterfall or rainfall option in the overhead shower.

Then there is a handheld showerhead. This is usually attached by a hose only and the length of that hose will let you know your flexibility. If it is quite long, you can obviously move more freely.

Most hoses are made of stainless steel but this is a consideration to keep in mind. You want a hose that is easy to clean. You also want a hose that won’t get tangled all the time.

Finally, jets or nozzles are usually pointed to your body horizontally. This gives your back a massage. The level and type of massage you get will depend on the unit. Panels that have a large number of jets give you stronger massage.


Sometimes it can be challenging to find warranty information on a product. You may not even know if your product comes with a warranty until you receive it. However, with a shower panel, the warranty can be really important.

In general, most shower panels do come with a one-year warranty period. The warranty typically covers most parts of the shower panel, if not everything. Other warranties might range between 1 and 3 years. Knowing the warranty coverage can give you some needed insight. For the most part, the manufacturer’s warranty covers a bit shorter term than the product’s predicted lifetime.

So, if your warranty is for 3 years, you might be able to expect the unit to last just over three years before it needs repair or replacement.

Overall Benefits

There are several benefits to enjoying a shower panel sustem as opposed to a standard shower. Some of the benefits you can expect include:

  • Easier maintenance
  • Increase in shower functions
  • Massage features
  • Thermostat controls

Not every shower panel will offer each of these benefits. However, you can select, which ones offer you the benefits you want the most.

If you find yourself struggling with a typical showerhead, a shower panel may offer you easier control. The functions and spray patters are easily controlled in front of you. You just reach out in front of you instead of above. Many shower panels also offer hand-held devices. These are much easier to use than a standard shower.