Blue Ocean Shower Panel: Review & Installation Guide

If you need a sophisticated shower tower panel, then the Blue Ocean Shower Panel is a solid choice for your money. Bleu Ocean is one of the top manufacturers of shower panel systems and their 52” stainless steel shower attachment is no exception.

Blue Ocean shower panel

In this article, we are going to review the Clue Ocean Shower Panel and talk about its pros and cons, how to install it, and how it compares to other available shower panels. Without any further ado, let’s get to it.

Blue Ocean Shower Panel Reviews

Basic Specifications

The Blue Ocean Shower Panel sits 52” high, weighs 32 lbs., and mounts directly on your shower wall. On the front of the panel, there are 8 different shower jets, a rainfall showerhead, and a multi-functional handheld sprayer. The pressure for each of the 8 shower jets are individually adjustable and can be put on a powerful massage setting or lighter mist spray setting. The handheld sprayer has 4 different stream settings which can be switched by turning the sprayer bezel.

Also, on the front of the panel are 2 separate knobs, one for controlling spray function and another to change water temperature from hot to cold. Each fixture is connected independently to ensure proper water pressure. You can adjust the angle of the rainfall showerhead.

8 different shower jets

The main body of the panel is made out of a rust-resistant stainless steel/aluminum alloy and the brass hose is chrome plated. The front plate is covered in a 5mm thick tempered silver surface that is reflective like glass.

A unique feature on the Blue Ocean Shower Panel is the inclusion of a tub spout on the front. So, the Blue Ocean works equally well for a bath/shower combo. Even if you don’t have a bath/shower combo, the tub spout is a nice addition for cleaning, washing your feet, and filling buckets.

Also, on the front is a digital display that tells you the current shower temperature. So, you know exactly how hot or cold the water is before you jump in. This component runs on batteries so it doesn’t require any electrical wiring and you can change the temperature display from Fahrenheit to Celsius. Lastly, the manufacturer offers a 1-year warranty on all parts, so if anything breaks you can get it replaced at no charge.


The main area where the blue Ocean Shower Head shines is in its sheer versatility. The 8 different shower jets, rainfall head, and handheld spray nozzle give a ton of ways to modify your shower to suit your needs. Each of the 8 jets on the front can be individually adjusted for a strong stream good for massages to a light mist good for relaxing.

You can also adjust the angle of the rainfall showerhead, which is great if you have a smaller stall shower. The 4-function handheld sprayer is also a nice touch. It can be switched from a light spray to a more powerful jet. Each setting is perfect for what it’s designed for and gives a perfect amount of water pressure.

rainfall shower head

One interesting feature of the Blue Ocean is that each of the nozzles is independently set up to preserve water pressure. Unfortunately, this means that you cannot use the front jets, rainfall head, and handheld sprayer at the same time. But, independent plumbing keeps water pressure consistent and cuts down water usage, which can save you money on your water bill.

A digital temperature display is another feature that distinguishes the Blue Ocean Shower panel from its competitors. Now, you don’t have to tentatively test the water temperature before you get in, you know exactly where it is at. The only problem with the digital display is that you cannot switch it between Fahrenheit and Celsius whenever you want. You have to set the desired temperature metric before you install the panel. You have to remove the panel if you want to change it later.

Lastly, the tub spout is a great addition that makes the shower panel even more versatile. You can use the tub spout to wash your feet, fill up buckets, or clean the shower floor. If you have a combo bath/shower, then the Blue Ocean shower panel lets you keep using the tub. In summation, the Blue Ocean Shower Panel is a great addition to any bathroom and will help you get a relaxing shower experience.

Blue Ocean Shower Panel Installation Instruction

Best of all, the Blue Ocean Shower Panel is easy to install. You can even do it yourself, no expert installation needed. Here is how to install the shower panel system:

  • First, measure your shower wall and mark the spot where you want to fix horizontal hangers. The 2 hangers should be 650mm (25.59”) apart.
  • Next, attach elbow bends to the shower faucet and attach the soft hot and cold pipe to the correct faucet.
  • Once you attach water pipes, hang the shower panel on horizontal hangers.
  • Turn your faucet on and enjoy a wonderful new shower experience!

The shower tower comes with an installation instruction manual with specific instructions and pictures for reference.

Blue Ocean Shower Panel F.A.Q

Do I need a specialist to install it?

No, all required parts are included with the purchase and the installation does not require any special knowledge.

Can I use all the jets at once?

No, each jet and nozzle has an independent pressure set up so they cannot all be operated at once.

Do I have to do any electrical wiring?

No, the digital display is battery powered and does not require any electrical wiring. AA batteries should be replaced once every 6 months.

Bottom Line

The Blue Ocean Shower Panel is an incredibly versatile shower attachment that is easy to install, gives a great performance, and is very affordable. Buy today to open up a whole new shower experience!