Quiet Flush Toilet [10 Tips to Fix a Noisy Toilet]

Have you ever used a public restroom, with toilets unnecessarily loud?

Noisy toilets can be a source of embarrassment to you and your guests. Imagine going in for your private business and the whole room facing the sound of it. Not very good, now is it?

Quiet Flush Toilet

To resolve this issue and change your noisy toilet into a quiet flush toilet, we have a bunch of tips just for you.

The loud noises can be very disturbing and irritating, but there is always a reason behind the sounds that come from your toilet. Before we find the solution to a problem, it is essential to see where the problem is.

Tips to Prevent Flush Toilet Sounds 

The following suggestions will help you minimize the noise when there isn’t any serious problem.

Check the Toilet

First of all, finding the reason behind the noise is a vital step. You don’t want to waste your energy where fixing isn’t required. You also don’t want to call a plumber when there is no serious problem, do you?

To start from the basics, you need to check the toilet lid. An incorrectly placed lid can amplify the sound more than it is. You wouldn’t want to spend hefty amounts and effort just because you didn’t check the lid.

To make sure the lid is in its place, move it a little to see if the lid fits correctly. The attachment clips should be sturdy to make sure the lid doesn’t move around.

Quiet Fill Flush Valve

Do you ever hear noises coming from your restroom usually when you’re in the room next door? Often, when this happens, the reason is not the loud toilet, but how close you are to the restroom. 

To fix this, installing a fill flush valve is the best way. A quiet fill flush valve will help in reducing the noise and help achieve quieter flushing.

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Tips to Solve the Problems that Build up to Sound

Sometimes even the type of noise your toilet makes can be an indicator of where the problem might be. There are three types of noises we usually hear:

  • Fill Valve Hissing: An evergoing sound of air forced through the pipe and valve system.
  • Water Eesonating Noise: A loud noise when there is running water every time you flush the toilet.
  • Random Flushing Noise: Random flushing noise is when you hear a flushing/refilling sound after irregular intervals.

The following are a few helpful tips on how you can eliminate these sounds.

Fill Valve Hissing

When noises similar to hissing sound is heard, it is usually an indicator that there is a constant flow of water going to and fro from the valve to the tank. The continuous movement of water can sometimes be the result of accumulated dirt in the pipe. 

To solve this issue, you should remove the top lid of your flush tank and clean the dirt from the fill valve.

Water Resonating Noise

When a loud noise at intervals is heard, the reason behind is the blockage in water flow in the shut-off valve. To solve this, you can install a regulated fill valve to keep the inflow of water slow and at low speed. If it isn’t enough and you can still hear the noise, you should replace the shut off valve on the wall.

Random Flushing Noise

In case you hear the random flushing sound even when you’re not using the toilet, there is a high possibility of water leakage, either internally or externally.

  • In the case of internal leakage, make sure the overflow pipe and refill tube are clipped correctly together. You should also check the flapper area and replace it if it is at fault.
  • In case of external leakage, replace the supply line and the fill valve, if the leak is at the base.

Usually, most of the noise problems can be easily solved. There isn’t any need for you to do an elaborate number of steps to achieve and quiet environment.

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Water Flow Adjustments

Loud noise can also be due to high water pressure in the water valve. To relieve this pressure, you can adjust the water valve to your desired water pressure. Doing this will help in reducing the noise.

Tightening Everything

Sometimes, this noise issue can be very easily solved just by tightening some loose screws. All you’ll need is a handy screwdriver and a wrench to tighten any loose nuts in the piping system.

Block the Sound

Blocking the sound is one option that will help you if you’re sensitive to the noise. You can seal the wall gaps of the tank with sound insulators like foam tapes. The tapes would stop the sound from the flush tank from getting out. 

Call a Plumber

Some situations might be beyond your expertise to handle. Therefore, you should call a professional plumber to handle the situation. A plumber can guide you with the best advice, depending on your situation. 

He can easily perform the tasks that may be too complicated for you to handle. Moreover, often the issue could be in the pipes and not the toilet itself. Hence, a plumber will be more skilled to help you out.

Checking the Tank

After following the above tips, if the noise is still there, there are high chances of the problem being in the tank. To fix it, you should either get a new tank or invest in the quietest toilet in the market. The best suggestions for you would be TOTO MS604114CEFG#01 UltraMax II or KOHLER K-3987-47

There is also a possibility that a change in the toilet system won’t be necessary. There could be an issue of overfilled water in the tank. To solve this issue, it is best to either adjust the water inflow or replace your tank with a high capacity one.

Final Words

Constant noise from toilets can both be irritating and annoying. The above tips can help you resolve the issues that cause these noises, and keep it silent. However, it is vital to take into account that although the tips above are useful, professional input is of grave importance, in case you still struggle to keep a quiet toilet.